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MorphoBrowser Alopex lagopus
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Group Leader
Jukka Jernvall
jernvall -at- fastmail -dot- fm

Institute of Biotechnology
Street address: Viikinkaari 9
(P.O. Box 56)
00014 University of Helsinki


The ‘MorphoBrowser’ database and interface is a 3D visualisation and searching tool for mammalian teeth, accessible over the web. It allows the user to ‘browse’ through the diverse range of tooth morphologies found in mammals, both extinct and extant. While browsing, the three-dimensional shape of the teeth can be viewed from any direction by rotating and scaling the tooth.

MorphoBrowser runs through a Java database interface and so is viewable from all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) using the Java Runtime Environment. Full details are given on the 'Instructions' page. To immediately launch the database, click the button above next to the MorphoBrowser logo.